The Purpose

The historic significance and impact of Trails End Log Church being “The World’s Largest Log Church” at “The End of the Oregon Trail” in Oregon City, Oregon, will be far-reaching.

Oregon City

Oregon City is God’s chosen location for Trails End Log Church because it is the historic location of the end of the Oregon trail where Jason Lee, ‘Circuit Riding Preacher to the West’, brought the Word of God to the far side of the nation – Oregon.

The Log Church represents that time period when Christianity was founded in Oregon.

A Draw to Hear the Gospel

Trails End Log Church will draw in many souls to see this beautiful wonder God has told Pastor Joe Wardlow to build. While there, they will hear the Gospel. The project is not to honor a building, but to bring glory to the Lord and save souls through the building.

The purpose of the vision of Trails End Log Church is to teach the “truth” of God’s Word and:

  • Help people find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Help believers grow in their relationship with the Lord
  • Become disciples of Jesus Christ to further His kingdom

(James 5:20, Mark 16:15)

The Need

God’s light is needed more than ever today. Trails End Log Church will be a beacon of hope at “The End of the Oregon Trail”.

“That is why I am asking people to partner with me all across the US and around the world to see this vision fulfilled.” – Pastor Joe Wardlow

A statue of Rev. Robert Booth on the Oregon State Capitol grounds in Salem.

Robert Booth was a circuit rider who lived in Oregon from 1852-1917.

An inscription on the statue reads: “Presented to the State of Oregon in reverent and grateful remembrance of Robert Booth, Pioneer Minister of the Oregon Country, by his son Robert A. Booth.”

“Commemorating the labors and achievements of the ministers of the Gospel, who as Circuit Riders became the friends, counselors, and evangels to the pioneers on every American frontier.”

A statue of Rev. Jason Lee, 1803-1845, on the capitol grounds in Salem.

The inscriptions reads:
“First missionary in Oregon – Colonizer 1834-1843.”